BILLY PRICE & OTIS CLAY This Time for Real Album Review

Midwest Record – May 1, 2015

When you get the blues in Rhode Island and record them for a Canadian label, it never hurts to let people see your Memphis side once in a while, especially when you know how to recreate the Hi vibe when everyone else is aping the (always welcome) Stax vibe. With Duke Robillard eating classic Willie Mitchell productions for breakfast, this vocal pairing comes in with all the trimmings as tasty as can be. Otis Clay is a known quantity but Billy Price, former vocalist for Roy Buchanan probably requires some education for the average music fan. Equipped with great white, southern soul pipes (from Pittsburgh, of course), he’s a fine match for Clay and this set burns like a mutha! Yes, Virginia, there’s still loads of great music out there. Here’s a sterling example.

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