Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls Soul Brothers Album Review

Midwest Record
September 19, 2014
by Chris Spector

The long overdue meeting of two Memphis infused cats that have been running in the same circles for 40 years without ever really running into each other is a real barn burner. Clay, who looks like he could play Sam Jackson’s father, and Rawls, whose blues/soul cred is beyond reproach, show that back in the day or right now doesn’t matter once the songs get in these cat’s hands. Loaded with classic Stax/Muscle Shoals/Jackson southern grit, these are new grapes from the true vine for everyone that thought Motown was too pretty. High octane all the way, this is the stuff that turned you on to amped up blues back in college and never really left the far corners of your mp3 player. Killer stuff by smoking pros.

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